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Democracy Now! on the Struggle Against Mountaintop Removal

Posted by Matthew Koehler on April 9, 2009

We’re highlighted mountaintop removal coal mining – one of the greatest environmental and human rights tragedies in America – taking place in the mountains of Appalachia before.  Families and entire communities (some of which were founded before the American Revolution) are being driven off their land by flooding, landslides and blasting from mountaintop removal coal mining operations. I’d encourage anyone who cares about the environment and justice to take action by visiting the links above or one of the fine non-profit organizations in the list to the right that are working tirelessly day and night to end this tragedy.

Never one to shy away from a good fight – especially when the earth or social justice are at stake – my buddy Mike Roselle has put his neck (and entire large frame) on the line to stop the destruction of entire mountain ranges in West Virginia, the most biologically diverse region in the country.  Roselle’s considerable efforts have recently landed him in jail and spurred more death threats than people could imagine, something this co-founder of Earth First!, Rainforest Action Network and The Rukus Society takes in stride.

Yesterday, Amy Goodman interviewed Roselle on her Democracy Now radio/TV show. Please give the excellent interview a listen and get angry and inspired enough to take some steps to ensure justice for the people, mountains and critters of Appalachia.

One Response to “Democracy Now! on the Struggle Against Mountaintop Removal”

  1. […] Matt Kohler has a piece up at Clean Green Sustainable about mountaintop coal removal. It’s a major issue out east – in king coal country West Virginia…which reminded me of something someone brought up the other day: “If all these coal advocates want to tout jobs-jobs-jobs when talking about coal, what about West Virginia? Isn’t that one of the poorest states in the U.S.? What about jobs and money down there?” […]

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