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A New Look at America’s Public Forests

Posted by Matthew Koehler on August 25, 2009

The Oregon-based Native Forest Council has produced a new video which uses some new aerial and satellite photography tools to shed light on how our nation’s public forests have been managed.

The video is titled Exposing the Truth: A new look at America’s Public Forests and all three parts can be downloaded here.

To produce the video, the Native Forest Council assembled tens of thousands of black and white aerial photographs from the US Geological Survey to show entire national forests. The picture isn’t necessarily pretty, as it clearly shows just how much of our national forests have been logged over the past sixty years.  Hopefully, as the video reaches more eyeballs, American’s will resist cries from the timber industry for even more industrial logging in our public national forests and reject the notion that somehow more logging is needed to restore “balance” to national forest management.


One Response to “A New Look at America’s Public Forests”

  1. pj said

    Good stuff Matt. Those aerials of the extent of clearcuts are eye-opening. And disgusting. And motivating. Hope this video gets around and pisses people off big time.

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