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Sen Tester and His Logging Bill “Rack”-Up Major Endorsement

Posted by Matthew Koehler on November 19, 2009

This just in:

Senator Tester and his mandated logging bill have “racked” up a major and important endorsement from the fine folks at “Outdoor Life,” who have named Senator Tester part of “The Outdoor Life 25.”

These are the same “Outdoor Life” folks that bring you:

Rack Girls 2009

Fish N Chix 2010

Shed Hunting Babes

Yep, those “Outdoor Life” folks are all about big rack collaboration. Clearly their support of Senator Tester’s logging bill means something…but what that is isn’t exactly clear.

Just read the entire “Outdoor Life” entry about Senator Tester and his logging bill and it’s very clear that “Outdoor Life” has a better handle on big racks hoisted in the air by bikini-clad women than they do on public lands and wilderness policy.

From Outdoor Life:

For more than 25 years, some 600,000 acres of Montana backcountry have been lost in bureaucratic limbo, legal leftovers from pitched battles between wilderness zealots and timber barons. Described on maps as “wilderness study areas,” these alpine peaks, timbered slopes and foothills grasslands have been off-limits to logging and mining, but have also been a sort of no-man’s land for hunters, anglers and landscape preservationists [Totally not true as every single Wilderness Study Area is currently open to hunting and fishing. – MK]

Are “study areas” open to resource development, or are they locked up in wilderness? Every Montana politician for a generation has tried to untangle the land-use stalemate before being cowed by one interest group or another. Now, thanks to a U.S. senator with a flat-top haircut and a butcher’s build, hunters will be able to access these lands, watersheds will be preserved and unemployed loggers and mill workers will go back to work. Jon Tester crafted his landmark “Forest Jobs and Recreation Act” to preserve the majority of land as wilderness, but require sustainable timber harvest on much of the rest.

There’s something for everyone, but not enough for a single group to claim victory. The collaborative agreement is being eyed by conservationists across the nation as a model for resolving similarly intractable issues.” [Not true…but it sure sounds nice!  Fact is “conservationists across the nation” are pretty much in agreement about their opposition to Senator Tester’s Mandated Logging Bill and the sloppy, bad-precedent-setting Wilderness language contained in the bill. – MK]


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